Jennifer Garner just revived this *classic* primary school hairstyle

jennifer garner primary school pigtails hairstyle
Jen Garner revives this OG childhood hairstyleGetty Images

Back in November of last year, Jennifer Garner was ahead of her time and set the now big hair trend which is the short bob. Yep, this was pre-Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and Zendaya, peeps. Now, as with any new cut, it may seem tricky to navigate a styling routine, however, it seems Jen has us covered with a look that'll transport you straight back into the playground...

No, it's not the blocky fringe look that we all had early childhood (surely there had to have been some sort of collective consensus pre-Mumsnet?!) but instead, the adorable pigtails hairstyle.

In a recent Instagram post alongside her Family Leave co-star, Lincoln Sykes (the two star alongside each other in the upcoming Netflix comedy), Jennifer debuts the primary-like look. Though, just as a forewarning, you may want to prep yourself before watching the below video for it is very adorable.

OK, cuteness aside, we have to acknowledge that the hair look is one that we don't see too often these days but as ever, we are so here for its revival. I mean, trends come and go (r.i.p. Y2K streaky highlights), though if they're willing to grow TF up – like the classic pigtails – they'll earn a well-deserved spot in the hairstyle hall of fame.

Taking a leaf outta Jen's book (no, not the one she's reading), all it seems needs to be done is switch out the blocky fringe for an updated curtain bang and we'll be Good. To. Go. After all, Kim Kardashian just jumped on that bandwagon, too!

BRB – thanks to these celebs are their everchanging hair looks, I've now gotta reevaluate my next haircut...

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