Jennifer Aniston thanks nurse with coronavirus by giving her a generous gift

Jennifer Aniston surprised a brave nurse during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Thursday night. Kimball Fairbanks from St. George, Utah had been battling the coronavirus as a nurse, until she ended up contracting it herself.

Fairbanks believes she most likely caught the disease while working at the hospital. “We have lots of people come in right now and lots of people that are testing positive,” said Faribanks.

Since testing positive for the illness, Fairbanks has been in quarantine. That means she is unable to see her 4-year-old and 18-month-old daughters.

Aniston popped in for a video chat with Fairbanks and to thank her for her bravery and sacrifice. “I just have to say, God bless you and all of you that are out there doing what you're doing,” said Aniston, “I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to you guys and everything you are doing.”

One small way and Aniston and Kimmel were able to express their gratitude was by giving Fairbanks a $10,000 gift card to Postmates. She was also told that Postmates would be donating gift cards to the other nurses on her floor.

Fairbanks will be in quarantine until April 8th. She plans on returning to the hospital immediately, to aid in the fight against the deadly coronavirus.