Jen and Judy are doing their 'f---ing best' post-accident in first Dead to Me season 3 teaser

All roads have led to this.

Trauma bond BFFs Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) gear up for one last ride to skirt the law in the first teaser trailer for Dead to Me season 3. Netflix unveiled the final season footage at its TUDUM global fan event on Saturday, where a premiere date was also revealed: Nov. 17.

In the teaser, the two are in good shape following their car accident in the season 2 finale. The episode featured many wins — Jen evading charges after she confessed to Steve's (James Marsden) murder; Judy discovering a bunch of cash hidden in her paintings, presumably from her ex's money laundering; the city approving Jen's bid to put up a stop sign at a busy intersection — before the besties became targets of a hit-and-run at said intersection.

The driver was revealed to be none other than Steve's twin brother, Ben (also James Marsden), who was inebriated after receiving a mysterious call about his late sibling.

At the hospital, Jen is in a neck brace and acting very, well, Jen. "Can you get the f---ing doctor?" she asks the nurse. Judy, being Judy, echoes the request in a softer tone: "Can you please get the f---ing doctor?" The nurse responds, "I will do my f---ing best," prompting an, "Aw. F---ing thank you" from Jen.

The teaser keeps details about other lingering cliffhangers a mystery, including the jogger who unwittingly came across Steve's makeshift grave, but one thing remains clear: Jen and Judy's fortified friendship. "You're the best friend I've ever known, the best person I've ever known," Jen says, in a voiceover layered over scenes. Judy adds, "We survived because we had each other." "Have each other," Jen clarifies.

Watch the teaser for Dead to Me season 3 above. And be sure to stock up on orange wine before the final season's Nov. 17 return on Netflix.

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