How Jeffrey Dean Morgan messes with Andrew Lincoln on 'The Walking Dead'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

AMC aired The Walking Dead Season 8 Preview Special and on it, Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed how he likes to get under Andrew Lincoln’s skin while shooting scenes with him. Morgan, who plays Negan, explained that he seriously studies his scenes at home, but while he’s on set he’s carefree and likes to joke around. Morgan said of Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, “I’m a pain in the ass to someone like Andy, who is, like, has his headphones in, he’s very focused and centered.”

Though the two have very different styles of preparation their tense scenes have mesmerized The Walking Dead fans.

Morgan continued, “We like to surprise each other with what we’re doing. And so we don’t — we don’t tell each other how we’re gonna play it, and then, you know, when it’s all said and done, slap each other on the back and say, ‘Oh, I see what you did there. That was pretty good.’”

Watch the Fear the Walking Dead midseason premiere: All’s well that ends water well:

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