Jeffree Star did his makeup while driving a Tesla: 'No, this is not safe'

Jeffree Star lets go of the wheel and grabs hold of a makeup brush for a “Get Ready With Me” video. (Photo: YouTube/jeffreestar)

Some people are guilty of doing a quick makeup touchup while behind the wheel of their car — which is dangerous enough. But nobody’s done makeup in the driver’s seat quite like this before.

YouTube’s Jeffree Star, who has more than 6 million subscribers, just tested his luck with his latest “Get Ready With Me” video, which took place in a car. And although you might be familiar with his previous videos, which had him getting ready in the back of a Rolls-Royce, this time he’s behind the wheel.

“Today, we are taking it to the next level, and we are going to do a ‘Get Ready’ doing a full face of makeup in autopilot in my Tesla Model X,” Star announces in the video while standing in front of his Barbie-pink car.

After having his Tesla painted the official color of his Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand, Star takes the car for the ultimate test drive. Headed to California’s traffic-plagued Interstate 405, he puts the Tesla on autopilot, with a maximum speed of 65 mph, and takes his hands off the wheel.

“Is this f***ing weird?! Yes, 100 percent,” Star says, keeping his eyes on the road in front of him before eventually getting comfortable enough to start his beauty routine. And even after we’ve been assured by the driver that the car takes full control, adjusting speeds and even braking when necessary, it’s still nerve-racking to watch.

“This is too stressful for me to watch,” one person commented on the video, while another was more concerned with the makeup getting all over the new car. However, an overwhelming number of people took note of how cautious Star continued to be, even though he was no longer driving. While he reiterates that nobody should try this themselves (and starts off his video with the words “WARNING: Don’t attempt to re-enact this under any circumstances. Thanks, bitch” across the screen), it’s important to see how the makeup mogul responds to the conditions of the road, as well as the precautionary warnings that the vehicle sounds in case extra attention is needed.

“No, this is not safe and it may be highly illegal,” Star concludes. “We’ll figure it out if the DMV contacts me.”

In the meantime, he’s already planning his next “Get Ready With Me” video, which, in a rendition of his previous private plane version, might actually take place in a blimp.

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