Jeff Probst open to a Survivor: The Next Generation season

Jeff Probst open to a Survivor: The Next Generation season

Survivor has been on TV for a loooooooooong time — 23 years, in fact. Players from early seasons have grown up, gotten married, and had children, and those with kids who watched them on TV as toddlers have seen their little ones grow into young adults.

Over the years, we've seen two of those Survivor children make it onto the show to play alongside their parents. Survivor: The Australian Outback winner Tina Wesson returned with daughter Katie Collins for the Survivor: Blood vs. Water season, which also featured Survivor: One World's Laura Morett and her daughter, Ciera Eastin. (In a definitive win for Water, Eastin actually helped vote her mother out of the game.)

In addition, two-time American champion Sandra Diaz-Twine played on the Australian Survivor: Blood vs. Water season with her daughter, Nina. Nina then returned for the current Australian Survivor: Heroes v. Villains, being voted out in fifth place.

'Survivor' host Jeff Probst
'Survivor' host Jeff Probst

Robert Voets/CBS 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst

So what about a season filled only with the offspring of famous Survivor players? That question was posed to host Jeff Probst on the latest episode of his On Fire with Jeff Probst podcast. During the episode, producer Jay Wolff asked a mailbag question from a fan: "Many of the original notable Survivor players now have kids that are old enough to play. While a few of these kids have shown up in Blood vs. Water, would you like to see a full Survivor: The Next Generation at some point?"

After being interrupted by his dog, Stevie, Prost revealed that this is actually a concept that has been discussed amongst the show's creative team. "Believe it or not, we have talked to a lot of former players about their children being on the show," said Probst. "We actually kind of looked into it at one point, but we didn't really have enough."

It's not just a mere issue of numbers, though. The host also says that, while the hook of a second-generation season is undeniable, you still have to make sure the cast members can shine on their own as individuals beyond the affiliation to their famous mom or dad.

"You'd still have to do the same process.," says Probst. "You still have to invest in them, they have to go through the same casting process. You want compelling people. They have to go through psychology and all of that."

If it sounds like Probst is a bit skeptical of the idea, perhaps because there are simply not enough compelling offspring personalities to choose from, that is certainly a situation that could change with time. "I would say if we are on long enough that is something that would be really fun," says the host. "And then you find a way to incorporate their parents who played the game in some sort of mentor role, or something like that. A loved one! A reverse loved one!" (Hope they have room on Island of the Idols for a few more statues.)

To hear tons more behind-the-scenes intel, including the entire process of creating a Survivor challenge, check out On Fire with Jeff Probst.

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