Jeff Probst announces winner of historic 'Survivor' season from his garage

Nick Paschal
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It was a historic finale Wednesday night for an epic season of Survivor: Winners at War. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there was no reunion show for the 40th season and Jeff Probst hosted the show from a makeshift set he put together in his garage. Which meant there were three hours of intense competition, and it all started with the players from Extinction Island fighting to get back in the game. 

Thanks to the three advantages (more than any other player) Natalie Anderson was able to procure on Extinction Island, the Survivor: San Juan del Sur winner edged out the competition, and rejoined the other five contestants left in the game. Fans were excited to see Natalie back in the game after being the first one voted out, but she still had a long way to go. 

Michele Fitzgerald won the next immunity challenge, which made for an interesting tribal council. After Natalie played her immunity idol, Tony Vlochos and Ben Driebergen played their idols. With all of the votes going to Ben and Natalie, they had to vote again and this time, were only able to vote for Sarah Lacina or Denise Stapley, and Denise ended up getting her torch snuffed. 

Tony was able to win the next immunity challenge, while Natalie found another hidden immunity idol. So at the next tribal council, it was between Ben, Sarah, and Michele, and Sarah decided to flip on her alliance, sending Ben off to the jury. Although, Ben seemed fine with it since he shockingly gave Sarah permission to vote him out.

The final immunity challenge was a familiar game that Michele had won in a previous season. But her experience wasn't enough to beat Natalie, who built up quite the resume in the few days she was back at camp. 

At tribal, Natalie decided to take Michele with her to the finals, which meant the "Cops-R-Us" duo of Tony and Sarah would face-off in a fire making challenge. It was a very close battle that went back-and-forth, but it was Tony who prevailed in the end. It was an extremely emotional moment for Sarah and Tony, who have been friends since they played together on Survivor: Cagayan back in 2013. 

It came down to Tony, Natalie, and Michele during a rain-soaked final tribal, as each of them plead their case to the jury. The three contestants each had a very different path to the final three, which made it difficult on the jury members. But in the end, they decided in a 12-4 vote that Tony had outlasted, outwitted, and outplayed everyone else, and fans mostly agreed. 

Although, Michele and Natalie got plenty of love, too. 

Tony becomes only the second player in Survivor history to win twice, and takes home the $2 million check, which Tony admitted will come in very handy during these uncertain times. 

"It's definitely life changing, especially now with what's in the world, you really see how financial security is so important, Tony told Probst. "I have mortgages on buildings, people can't pay their rent. So with this money I'm going to make sure I secure my family and be financially secure for the rest of my life." 

Congrats, Tony!

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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