Jeff Brazier healing with therapy and meditation

Jeff Brazier is prioritising his mental health credit:Bang Showbiz
Jeff Brazier is prioritising his mental health credit:Bang Showbiz

Jeff Brazier is healing past traumas using therapy and meditation.

The 45-year-old TV presenter is focused on self-improvement and has spent eight years using talking therapy to exercise demons from his past and he's adamant it's made him a better father to his two sons - Bobby and Freddie with late ex Jade Goody - and a better husband to wife Kate Dwyer.

Jeff told OK! magazine: "What I’m doing is healing. I don’t want to carry things from my childhood through my life and I don’t want to be holding on to things that make me less of a father and less of a husband.

"Unless you do that work to heal the inner child and work out why you avoid a lot of core emotions, life would be a product of my trauma – and I’m keen to make sure my life is not. But it requires a lot of time and effort to unravel it, unpick it and let it go."

He added of therapy: "Therapy is a dedicated space. For me it was eight years of knowing that was my time to discuss anything I wanted to – it might be my kids, or my relationship, or you might go in thinking you have nothing to talk about.

"Those can be the best sessions because your subconscious offers up the things you really want to tackle. It’s made me better as a husband and a parent."

Jeff went on to reveal he also uses meditation as a tool to help his mental health and he makes it a "priority" every day.

He explained: "It’s a priority for me – it keeps me balanced, connected with my intuition. My best ideas come when I’m meditating.

"Sometimes we just get too caught up with our thoughts and right now it’s a lovely thing to sit in the garden and listen to the birds singing and go beyond my thoughts."