Say What?!? Jeanine Pirro Blurts Out Most Bizarre Impeachment Analysis Yet

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro raised eyebrows on social media with an accidental double entendre after Thursday’s impeachment inquiry hearings went sideways for Republicans.

“You know what’s amazing about this? Look, this is an impeachment inquiry, alright?” she said on “The Five” on Thursday. “You don’t blow the wad or the witness at the inquiry, OK?”

She suggested Republicans are saving up the good stuff.

“What you do is you wait ’til the trial,” she said. “You don’t allow anybody to be impeached or cross examined. You just present the minimal amount of evidence you need to.”

Two witnesses called by GOP lawmakers straight-out admitted that there wasn’t enough evidence for an impeachment, and Democratic lawmakers on the committee openly mocked the hearings as a farce.

“As a former director of emergency management, I know a disaster when I see one,” said Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.).

Moskowitz also had something to say about Pirro’s comment:

Other critics on X, formerly Twitter, also chimed in: