Jason Tartick Accidentally Spoiled ‘The Bachelor’ Ending on His Podcast

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Jason Tartick Accidentally Spoiled ‘The Bachelor’ John Fleenor

At this point, between Reality Steve’s initial Bachelor spoiler and the absolute chaos that ensued once it turned out to be wrong, it feels safe to assume that most of the internet now knows who won Joey Graziadei’s season of the reality show. But if you need more proof, Jason Tartick—who appeared on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette—just accidentally spoiled the ending while teasing his podcast.

It goes without saying that spoilers are ahead, but just in case you need another heads-up, lemme put it in giant all-caps.


’Kay, so basically Jason had been teasing the upcoming guests on his podcast Trading Secrets when he casually dropped the bombshell that he’d be interviewing Joey and Kelsey Anderson—a pretty clear indication that she won the season! FYI, Jason must have noticed his slip-up because he’s since scrubbed what he said amid everyone noticing. But obviously, internet sleuths (read: Reddit users) were faster:

Meanwhile, Twitter is just:

A quick refresher on all of Joey’s chaotic spoilers: Reality Steve initially posted that Joey and Daisy “got engaged in Tulum, Mexico at the end of the season,” and fans were under that assumption for much of the season...until evidence dropped indicating that Joey and Kelsey A. had been spending time together based on matching elements in their social media posts:

Reality Steve then corrected his initial Daisy spoiler and revealed, “Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since filming ended.” “He had never picked Daisy and he’s been with Kelsey the whole time. And that was confirmed when those pics got out last Tuesday night of Kelsey shooting a TikTok in the backyard of a Happy Couple house,” he added.

And that brings us up to date! As you were (spiraling).

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