Jason Sudeikis Shows Off What May Be The Best Card Trick Of All Time

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Newly minted Emmy winner Jason Sudeikis revealed a pretty nifty trick he uses to stop himself from constantly checking his phone. And it sounds like something his character Ted Lasso might do. 

Sudeikis told “Access” he carries a deck of cards in his pocket. 

“You know how kids use fidget spinners these days?” he said. “This would be my version of it.”

He said he got hooked on his phone during the Trump presidency, and found himself constantly checking it during his downtime on the set. 

It got tiring ― so he needed a new distraction. 

“I don’t wanna just look at my phone and get mad and have nothing,” he explained. 

A deck of cards helped him break the habit:

“Ted Lasso” won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series, and Sudeikis nabbed the trophy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. 

Co-stars Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein won for supporting actress and actor, respectively. 

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