Jason Sudeikis’ best moments hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’? Watch here, vote in poll

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Kansas Citians might be a tiny bit disappointed that Jason Sudeikis did not mention Kansas City or barbecue sauce or the Kansas Jayhawks once while hosting the latest “Saturday Night Live.”

But the Emmy-winning star of “Ted Lasso,” who grew up in Overland Park and laces his series with KC references, had plenty of shining moments for fans in his hometown and everywhere else when he got to host, as he put it, “for my first and very last time.”

Which part was the best? Vote in our poll below. But first, here’s a recap of his ample contributions to Saturday night’s show:

‘Ghost of Biden Past’ cold open

President Joe Biden, played by new cast member James Austin Johnson, yearns for the old days of a kinder, gentler press. And then in walks the ghost of Biden past — Sudeikis himself, who had played a more jovial Biden for years.


Sudeikis spent 10 years at “SNL” as a writer and cast member before leaving in 2013, and he reminisced a bit. And of course he mentioned “Ted Lasso,” which, he said, “somehow became a hit. I mean it’s truly shocking to me because it’s built around two things Americans hate: soccer and kindness.”

‘The Science Room’

Sudeikis is the nerdy host of a kids PBS science show, growing more and more frustrated over the cluelessness of his two “junior volunteers” (Cecily Strong and Mikey Day). “What is matter,” Mr. Teacher asks the boy. “Nothing, I’m good.”


Sudeikis, an occasional guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” parodies her with a bro version, “Mellen,” including appearances by disgraced Louis C.K. and UFC fighter and accused rapist Conor McGregor.


Melissa Villaseñor is Little Orphan Annie from the musical, meeting the staff at Daddy Warbucks’ mansion — maids, the chef and Sudeikis as creepy Ricky, who performs some disturbing services for the zillionaire.

‘Parent-Teacher Conference’

Sudeikis is the teacher who finds plenty of chemistry with mom Ego Nwodim, much to the consternation of dad Kyle Mooney. “You do not strike me as the punishing type,” she says, flirting. “You don’t know me very well, do you, Miss Thang.”

The Devil on Weekend Update

Sudeikis reprises one of his best characters, using his pitchfork to skewer villains like Prince Andrew, Instagram for kids and — this one’s for you, Kansas City Chiefs fans — quarterback Tom Brady.

‘What Up With That’

Sudeikis puts on the red track suit and gold chain once again to reprise his manic backup dancer on the BET talk show that can never seem to get around to talking to its guests (this time including Oscar Isaac of “Star Wars,” Nicholas Braun of “Succession” and model/actress Emily Ratajkowski).

‘Declaration Pitch’

Sudeikis is a bewigged Founding Father writing the Declaration of Independence, when one of his colleagues (Andrew Dismukes) suggests they add a “sick-ass treasure map” on the back, presumably so the Nicolas Cage “National Treasure” movies could be more true to life.

‘Casino Proposal’

In this riff on “Indecent Proposal,” Sudeikis teams up with fellow Kansas Citian Heidi Gardner as failed casino gamblers who consider a proposition from weirdo billionaire Kenan Thompson to sleep with her for a cool $5 million. Or is it $50,000? Or $6 million?

Which Sudeikis moment was your favorite? Vote in our poll below:

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