Jane and Thor have an awkward reunion in Thor: Love and Thunder trailer

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Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel Studios

Look, running into an ex is never easy. Maybe there are lingering romantic feelings. Maybe you didn't part on the best of terms. And maybe your ex has claimed your old hammer and now has the same godlike powers you do, and you now have to deal with the awkwardness of both being Thor.

Such is the case with the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, which debuted Monday during the NBA finals. Director Taika Waititi narrates the trailer himself, returning as the soft-spoken rock monster Korg.

Chris Hemsworth's golden-haired space Viking has been working on himself, explains Korg, transforming from "dad bod to god bod." But the former Avenger finds himself shaken when he runs into his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (an extremely buff Natalie Portman). Not only is she thriving post-breakup, but she's also taken up his hammer Mjolnir and become a hero in her own right, handily taking out bad guys as the Mighty Thor.

"Ragnarok felt a bit like a party," Waititi previously told EW. "It was quite festive. This one is still fun, and it's got moments of being over the top, but thematically, it's about something a bit deeper than the last film. It's not a serious film, and it's not a drama, but we do deal with ideas that I think a lot of humans deal with — universal themes about love and loss and our place in the world. Everyone sort of asks this question in the film: What is your purpose? What is the reason that you're a hero, and what do you do when you have these powers?"

The trailer also introduces the first look at Christian Bale's villain, the nefarious Gorr the God Butcher. Bale's ghastly-looking baddie seems to be living up to his name, and he's on a quest to murder as many deities as he can. One of the gods he appears to be targeting is Russell Crowe's Zeus — who ends the trailer with a very, um, revealing meeting with Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters July 8. Watch the trailer above.

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