Jane Fonda Remembers ‘Grace and Frankie’ EP and Friend Paula Weinstein: ‘I’ve Lost My Bestie’

Jane Fonda mourned the death of her friend and “Grace and Frankie” executive producer Paula Weinstein in an Instagram tribute on Thursday.

“I’ve lost my bestie, Paula Weinstein,” the post, which was coupled with a throwback image of Fonda and Weinstein, began. “Paula was everything a friend should be — to me and to so many people. I’ve been sitting Shivah in her New York apartment with so many people who also think of her as their best friend and I’m feeling jealous, to be honest.”

The two-time Emmy-winning producer is known for producing the series “Truman” and “Recount.” Her daughter, Hannah Rosenberg, confirmed the news of her death to TheWrap on Monday.

Fonda went on to describe Weinstein as a woman who made anyone around her laugh and for being a leader who played a pivotal role in others’ success and careers.

“Paula could make all of us laugh harder than anyone else could. She was always good for a real belly laugh,” she wrote. “Many young women who worked with her at the Tribeca Film Festival are here, telling me what an amazing mentor she was for them … always having them in the room where decisions were happening, so they’d learn. Many women she’s mentored have since gone on to run programming at major studios. That is how people live forever … they’ve mattered in people’s life.”

The actress then described the countless projects the two worked on together and how Weinstein was always there for her to lean on.

“She produced films with me, ‘9 to 5,’ ‘Monster-in-Law’ and ‘This Is Where I Leave You.’ Those are just the films she did with me. She also did ‘Perfect Storm,’ ‘Recount,’ ‘Bandits,’ ‘Analyze This,’ ‘Fearless’ and more,” Fonda reflected. “But way more than that: Paula was the one I turned to when I had a problem. The one my children turned to when there were family problems and she’d help work things out. I am godmother to her beautiful daughter, Hannah. She was godmother to my children.”

“She shattered barriers in Hollywood and always lifted other women along with her,” Hannah shared earlier this week. “And I know my mother would want me to add this: if you’d like to honor her, please stop what you are doing and turn your attention toward reelecting President Biden and making sure Democrats win down the ballot so we can be sure Democracy survives in America and around the world.”

Weinstein served as an executive producer on “Grace and Frankie” for all of its seven seasons after it premiered in 2015 on Netflix. She died peacefully in her home in New York at age 78.

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