Jamie Lee Curtis and Son Dress Up in Some Serious Costumes to Celebrate Warcraft Premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis may have just officially won the title of coolest mom in the world. While most parents are busy fighting with their children on a daily basis in an attempt to get them to power down and slowly step away from the computer screen, Curtis is not only encouraging her son Tom’s video game obsession, she’s totally down to cosplay with him as the pair proved on Monday night at the global premiere of the film Warcraft.

Jamie Lee Curtis Warcraft Cosplay Red Carpet
Jamie Lee Curtis Warcraft Cosplay Red Carpet

As you may have guessed from the title, the film is based on the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, and as Curtis told Entertainment Tonight, “We’re serious about our games.” So serious, in fact, that they showed up to the premiere in full battle-ready regalia, complete with scepter, capes, headpieces, and green skin.

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The actress explained, “My son Tom is a player and I’m a supporter. I think that what Blizzard [Entertainment] has done has changed the universe.” She continued, “The astonishing thing about being a parent is that your children bring things to you that you would never, ever, ever, ever know. And you hope that you bring a few things to them that are interesting.”

Since Tom introduced her to the magic of WoW, perhaps in turn Curtis can now educate her son on all the fine benefits Activia’s probiotics have to offer.

What do you think of Jaime Lee and her son’s next level costumes? Have you ever dressed up for a film premiere?

–Emily Kirkpatrick