New James Turrell Skyspace is the first to be built into side of a mountain

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Construction underway for June 2022 launch; first Skyspace installation in the State of Colorado

Green Box will welcome a new Skyspace to Green Mountain Falls

Rendering of new Skyspace for Green Mountain Falls by James Turrell, Edited by CL - HSE Architects of OKC.
Rendering of new Skyspace for Green Mountain Falls by James Turrell, Edited by CL - HSE Architects of OKC.
Rendering of new Skyspace for Green Mountain Falls by James Turrell, Edited by CL - HSE Architects of OKC.

The beautiful town of Green Mountain Falls!

Aerial view of Green Mountain Falls by Buffalo Media Group.
Aerial view of Green Mountain Falls by Buffalo Media Group.
Aerial view of Green Mountain Falls by Buffalo Media Group.

Green Mountain Falls, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An immersive Skyspace by iconic light and space artist James Turrell will be unveiled in Green Mountain Falls in June 2022 at the Green Box Arts Festival. The installation will be the first Skyspace in the state of Colorado and the first in the world to be nestled into the side of a mountain.

Cosseted on a butte overlooking Gazebo Lake and bathed by the rustling of lofty pine trees, the James Turrell Skyspace in Green Mountain Falls will be a harmonious addition to the charming town at the foothills of Pikes Peak—an extension of the landscape, preserved in its natural setting. The experience will begin with an inspirational journey via a new trailhead that will deliver hikers directly to the sheltered Skyspace in the hills above, overlooking the center of town and Gazebo Lake.

Viewers will be enveloped in a one-of-a-kind kinetic light and color encounter—a sensory and contemplative experience unlike anywhere else in the world. The Skyspace, standing at 18-feet-tall, was commissioned by the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation.

“Green Box invites you to slow down, inhale the energizing mountain air and take in an out-of-this-world permanent installation by James Turrell—one that perfectly responds to humanity’s need for wonder, serenity and connection,” said Green Box Co-Founder Christian Keesee.

The construction has been a feat of engineering that requires all the materials – 1.2 million pounds of concrete and 100,000 pounds of steel – transported up the side of a mountain. Recent construction updates have included the fifth concrete pour (there are six necessary) and will include a spectacular and scenic hike, arriving first at the Town Overlook and the final destination boasting even more mesmerizing views of the town’s valley and Gazebo Lake.

James Turrell’s Skyspace in Green Mountain Falls joins an exclusive list of more than 85 Skyspaces the artist has designed and built throughout the world, including in Argentina, Japan, Greece, Norway and Australia. The Skyspace in Green Mountain Falls is one of the few by Turrell that features a retractable roof, providing flexibility in case of inclement weather and the ability to conduct viewings during the day, in addition to the traditional sunrise and sunset shows. Distinctive and rewarding viewing experiences are offered when the roof is both open and closed.

“We hope visitors from near and far will rediscover the esoteric inspiration of an unplugged world and leave the stress behind,” added Green Box Co-Founder Larry Keigwin. “There is no better way to invest in yourself again and reconnect with nature than a hike in Green Mountain Falls. To have a Turrell Skyspace as a final reward will be an unforgettable gift to all who make this journey.”

At an elevation of 7,800 feet, amid the foothills of Pikes Peak, Green Mountain Falls is an idyllic retreat, a short 20 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs and only a 90-minute drive from Denver. A special place of wonder, calm and refreshment, Green Mountain Falls celebrates beauty, builds authentic connections and welcomes visitors who share the values of fostering the arts in all its forms and protecting our natural environment.

"With construction on track to be completed in the coming months, Green Box is gearing up for a season of celebration and enrichment as we launch James Turrell’s meditative new Skyspace, which is designed to bring together art and nature, family and friends, earth and sky, in the most beautiful setting imaginable,” said Green Box Deputy Director Scott RC Levy.

Iconic American artist James Turrell (born 1943) is known for cultivating peaceful and powerful environmental works of art that focus on human perception. His interest in the physical presence of light and space derives in part from his Quaker heritage. Turrell’s autonomous Skyspaces, with ceiling apertures open to the sky, may be understood as creative observatories— a combination of architecture, sculpture and atmosphere perfectly positioned in nature.

Skyspace Video: A new James Turrell Skyspace for Green Mountain Falls

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Green Box’s visionary co-founders Christian Keesee and Larry Keigwin believe that arts and education are critical to the vibrancy and wellness of our communities. What began as a week-long residency with Keigwin’s New York-based dance troupe has blossomed into a year- round celebration and incubator of multidisciplinary visual and performing arts for visitors from Colorado and around the world. The summer festival’s hallmarks of accessibility and experimentation in a spectacular natural setting offer curious audiences a fresh and playful approach to some of the most compelling visual and performing arts being produced today.

With an active artist-in-residence program, educational offerings and creative experiences for audiences of all ages, Green Box seeks to enrich and engage its community and visitors for generations to come. The organization has developed partnerships with the local schools and community organizations to enhance its reach, furthering its commitment to nurturing creativity and appreciation for different perspectives.

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About the Green Box founders

Christian Keesee is the manager of his family office, which invests primarily in banking, energy related projects and philanthropy in New York, Colorado and Oklahoma. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Frick Collection, a Trustee Emeritus of the American Ballet Theatre, a Trustee of the Tate Americas Foundation and Founder and Trustee of Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center.

Larry Keigwin is a New York-based educator and award-winning choreographer and dancer, whose diverse portfolio of work has been performed at venues around the world. He is the founder and artistic director of KEIGWIN + COMPANY, serves as a board member of Green Box and is the dance editor of the quarterly arts publication ArtDesk.

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