James McAvoy's horror remake lands earlier UK release date

james mcavoy in speak no evil
James McAvoy's horror gets earlier UK release dateUniversal

James McAvoy's new horror movie Speak No Evil is coming to UK screens earlier than expected.

It’s been confirmed that the film, which is a remake of the 2022 Danish movie Gæsterne, will be released in the UK on September 12. That's one day ahead of its original release of September 13, when it will be released in the US.

Speak No Evil was originally meant to be released in August, but a production delay caused by last year’s SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes pushed back its release date by a month.

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Directed by The Woman in Black's James Watkins, Speak No Evil will centre on a family who are invited to spend the weekend at an idyllic country house by a couple they met on holiday.

However, their relaxing weekend away soon turns into a nightmare when it becomes clear that their increasingly volatile host (McAvoy) has other plans for them.

Other cast members include Mackenzie Davis (Happiest Season), Alix West Lefler (Riverdale) and Scoot McNairy (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).

james mcavoy in speak no evil

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McAvoy also has some other projects in the pipeline, including upcoming thriller Turn Up The Sun! The film will follow two couples who unknowingly book the same country mansion for a weekend away, but soon discover that all is not as it seems.

The actor is also set to star in Robert Schwentke's new action-thriller Control, which will focus on a doctor who wakes up one morning to discover that a mysterious device has been planted into his brain.

Finally, McAvoy will be stepping behind the camera for the first time to direct a currently untitled film that will tell the true story of Gavin Bain and Billy Boyd, two friends from Scotland who tricked the international music industry into thinking they were an established Californian rap duo.

Speak No Evil arrived in UK cinemas on September 12.

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