James Corden and Broadway stars spoof Les Misérables to celebrate just One Day More of Trump

Barney Davis
·2 min read

James Corden has spoofed Les Misérables’ One Day More to bid President Donald J Trump farewell on his final day in office.

The British comedian gathered reams of comedic material from the outgoing President and brought together a host of Broadway stars and Matt Lucas to have one last pop at Trump.

The cast were celebrating "One Day More" of outgoing president Trump in a Les Misérables parody that aired on Tuesday’s The Late Late Show.

“One day more, The final day of Trump as President, The White House has a brand new resident, It’s been four years of endless crimes, But now he’s finally out of time,” they sang.

“What a year this month has been, We’ll be in the parking lot, At Four Seasons Landscaping,” they sing.

“His term is done, The day is here.”

Corden even references the Steele Dossier, one of the first hiccups in Trump’s presidency when it was first published by Buzzfeed in January 2017.

They sang: “No more days of angry tweets (‘Cuz this time he’s banned for good), Ship him off to Mar-a-Lago (Do they even want him there?), Biden better change the sheets (Maybe throw away the bed), Will you change the locks with me?”

Trump supporters are also represented in the clip, with Patti LuPone and Matt Lucas dressed as Trump supporters singing a duet with the lyrics: “We won’t wear a mask, That’s our given right, At your Trader Joe’s, We’ll start a viral fight, Don’t you take our guns, We protect the peace, If you call us Karens, We’ll just call police.”

The viral clip encourages viewers to also donate to the Broadway Cares/Equity Fight Aids’ Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Fund, which provides resources to entertainment professionals who have been impacted by the virus.

Joe Biden used an address to urge the country “to heal" as he pledged to roll back many of Trump’s headliner policies including stopping the construction of the controversial Mexico - US border wall.

One of Donald Trump’s last acts was to pardon his former chief strategist Steve Bannon and rapper Lil Wayne as part of a late flurry of clemency action benefiting nearly 150 people.

The outgoing president issued a raft of 11th-hour pardons and commutations in the final hours of his White House term. Several controversial names appear on the list, including Mr Bannon.

Mr Bannon has been charged with duping thousands of investors who believed their money would be used to fulfil Mr Trump’s chief campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border.

There was no pardon for his lawyer Rudy Giuliani who is facing an investigation into alleged dealings with Ukraine or Tiger King star Joe Exotic, who is serving a 22-year prison sentence for plotting to kill Carole Baskin and animal cruelty.