Jalen Ramsey asks Michael Vick for advice on how to stop Lamar Jackson

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Jalen Ramsey knows how good Lamar Jackson is, and will take help wherever he can get it. (AP Photo/Leila Coker)

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey will take help wherever he can find it when it comes to facing Lamar Jackson in next week’s “Monday Night Football” matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

Wednesday, the 25-year-old Ramsey took to Instagram to solicit advice from Michael Vick, to whom Jackson is often compared. He asked Vick how he would stop “the 2019 version” of himself.

“Soo uhh @mikevick how would you stop someone like.. well kinda like yourself but the 2019 version?? 😂😂 I need tips for the game,” Ramsey wrote.

Vick replied in the comments: “Tough question bruh... see the reality is this... Lamar is Mike Vick 2019, but with an offense built around his skill, which makes it hard to say. I wouldn’t know what to do against a guy kinda like myself. 😂 #giveiteverytingyougot

Tuesday on Fox Sport’s “Undisputed,” Vick also called Jackson’s season so far “shocking.”

Jackson is on track to obliterate Vick’s single-season rushing yards record for a quarterback, a record Vick didn’t think would be touched — ever. The 22-year-old second-year player is on pace to finish the season with 1,261 rushing yards; Vick’s record sits at 1,039 yards.

“I’ll be honest: I didn’t think it would ever be broken,” Vick said. “I didn’t think a guy would come along and play between the tight hashes and do the things that I’ve done, but it’s just a pleasure for me to watch and see another guy just emulating that style – and doing it better.”

Ramsey too has had high praise for Jackson from the get-go, despite his own predilection for spewing trash talk on the field.

“He’s the truth,” Ramsey said at the 2019 Pro Bowl. “I think last year around draft time I tweeted that he should have been the No. 1 pick. That’s no [offense] to anyone else, but I just thought he was that good. He came in this year, did a great job to lead the Ravens to the playoffs. Yeah, that’s my guy.”

For this one night, at least, it’s probably best if Ramsey makes someone else his guy. But we’ll leave that for him and Vick to strategize.

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