Jakob Poeltl had another monstrous performance as Raptors defeat Pelicans

Asad Alvi breaks down how Jakob Poeltl was a connective piece for the Raptors regardless of who the Pelicans had guarding him.

Video Transcript

ASAD ALVI: Another day, another Raptors win, and another Jakob Poeltl film breakdown on Yahoo Sports Canada. My name is Asad. And today, we're going to go into Jakob Poeltl-- 21 points, 18 rebounds, three steals, a block, 9 of 11 shooting, seven offensive rebounds. He dominated on both ends doing just the little things as a big man.

The Pelicans in this matchup had two different types of defenders. They had JV, a traditional big man who guards in the drop. And they had Larry Nance, Jr., a much more switchable big who's a bit smaller and gives up some size. So we're going to break down the film and show how Jakob Poeltl was able to help the Raptors attack both of these looks from the Pelicans on both the offensive end and the defensive end.

So in this first clip, as we let it roll, we're going to see Pascal Siakam's going to get the switch onto Josh Richardson down here. The Raptors are playing with three big wings and a center, which means one of the Pelicans guards is going to get stuck guarding one of their big wings. And well, Pascal Siakam gets Josh Richardson.

And Poeltl is set up at the top of the key. Now, he's not a 3-point shooter. You see JV giving him a lot of room. But what that does is it leaves the entire back side open.

Now, Gary Trent, Jr., is going to come up to get CJ McCollum out of this help right there, leaves this entire back open for Poeltl to throw a pass over Josh Richardson. Pascal Siakam with the catch right at the rim and gets the easy finish.

So that was Jakob Poeltl against a traditional center, and how the Raptors were still able to use their advantage with their big wings. Now, the Pelicans switch to Larry Nance to give them a little bit more switching in the fourth quarter. Well, Jakob Poeltl then becomes an elite offensive rebounder in that small unit because he's able to stay defensively viable against a more mobile unit.

But he's still 7 foot 1". And he's able to attack the offensive glass. We're going to look at a couple of clips where we're able to see that in the fourth quarter.

So this clip right here, we're in the fourth quarter. Gary Trent, Jr., short clock situation. And we're going to play.

Jakob Poeltl comes up to set the screen. There's only five seconds left on the clock. Both Pelicans defenders go to Gary Trent, Jr. He's going to go for a shot.

Now, look at Jakob Poeltl. Jakob Poeltl is being boxed out by Josh Richardson-- too small. Brandon Ingram is going to get taken out by OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam here. The other defensive rebounder's CJ McCollum. Jakob Poeltl gets the easy rebound.

Now, the next piece is how Jakob Poeltl maintains himself in the Raptors' aggressive defense. Well Jakob's fit more or less hand in glove. He's been able to show that he can be a bit more aggressive, put himself in worse defensive positions for himself. But because of the Raptors team concept, it helps them create turnovers. So the next couple of clips, we're going to go into that.

So in this clip, we're going to see CJ McCollum set a screen on Poeltl. And Valanciunas is going to go into the post. Scottie Barnes is going to deny the initial pass and then go back out to CJ McCollum as Jakob Poeltl recovers.

Now, as we see the play, Jakob Poeltl recovers. Jonas throws the hand up. He's in post-up position. But Gary Trent, Jr., does a great job denying the ball. Great team defense here.

So now, Jakob Poeltl gets into a front. Now, this is not the best defensive position. He could have stayed behind him, which is much more conservative. But he goes in a front to be aggressive and force the long pass from Josh Richardson.

Josh Richardson throws this pass. Jonas Valanciunas has to jump for this pass. He's now contested for this pass. And Jakob Poeltl trusts his teammate in OG Anunoby to come and close the gap.

Jonas Valanciunas in a horrible position now. This is not good post position, and gets mauled. Raptors go the other way and get an easy layup with Gary Trent, Jr.

Now, this last possession is bread and butter Raptors defense that we've seen time and time again. We've got our wings that are going to be in defensive rotation. And it's going to give up a drive to the rim.

So this play starts with all of our big wings out, guarding their guards and forwards. Now, Larry Nance is going to set a screen on Scottie Barnes. Brandon Ingram flares out. And now, Scottie Barnes is in recovery.

Jakob Poeltl's still in the middle. Pascal Siakam is going to come to help over. He's guarding two. He cuts off Brandon Ingram initially.

Ingram goes to throw the ball to the corner 3. Pascal does a great job cutting off the passing lane. Ingram then has to throw a bounce pass, as Scottie Barnes recovers, to Herb Jones-- 6 foot 9", cutting to the rim, open lane in front of him.

Usually, the Raptors have just another 6' 9" player coming to defend the rim. But now, they have Jakob Poeltl. Cleans up at the rim, stopping that play in motion, in the fourth quarter, in the clutch, and the Raptors go the other way.

These are all the small things that Jakob Poeltl is able to do within the Raptors' already current concept that helps him be dominant on both ends and bring this Raptors team up another level. This is Asad for Yahoo Sports Canada. If you like this breakdown, hit the Like button, hit the Subscribe button. Hit that bell for more notifications, and I'll catch you next time.