Jacob Elordi 'went to war' with Netflix over The Kissing Booth 's lack of cigarettes

Jacob Elordi is committed to his craft.

Euphoria's resident brute spoke to GQ about his fervid role preparation process in a cover interview published Monday, admitting that his approach to portraying The Kissing Booth heartthrob Noah Flynn might have veered into the absurd. Elordi says he studied young adult author Beth Reekles' source material as if it were a "sacred text" and often flagged discrepancies between the script and the book.

"I remember saying, 'He smokes in the book. I need to smoke. He needs to have cigarettes. He's a bad boy,'" Elordi said. "I was like, 'This is bullshit!'" The actor pushed for the change, but Netflix wasn't having it. "I remember going to war for it," he said. "I was like, 'Are we lying to the f---ing millions of 14-year-olds out there? This guy smokes nicotine. It says here on page four — look!' I imagine people were just like, 'Jesus f---ing Christ. Is this guy serious?'"


Marcos Cruz/Netflix Jacob Elordi in 'The Kissing Booth 2'

"For me, acting is breathing," Elordi added of his craft. "I didn't finish university, I barely finished high school. All I know is from the books I've read, and the plays that I've read."

Cigarettes or not, The Kissing Booth debuted to streaming success in 2018. Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos called the teen rom-com "one of the most-watched movies in the country" following its debut. Joey King and Joel Courtney also star in the film, which yielded two more sequels. While the franchise wasn't as well-received by film critics, King recently said she "couldn't be prouder" of the films.

"I loved them so much and playing that character made me happy," King told The Independent last week. "I'll never regret those movies, and I love them so much no matter what anyone says."

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