Jack Osbourne Recalls the Moment His Mom Sharon Stopped Breathing During Ghost Hunt: ‘I Was Really Scared’

The TV star, who recently married longtime love Aree Gearhart, hosts the new season of Travel Channel's 'Night of Terror'

Kevin Winter/Getty for Live Nation
Kevin Winter/Getty for Live Nation

Jack Osbourne admits he’s had his fair share of scary moments.

But nothing could have prepared the TV star, 37, who hosts the new season of Travel Channel’s Night of Terror, for what he experienced when his mom Sharon, 70, joined him for an investigation for the premiere episode. “That was vastly more stressful than anything I've ever had to go through,” he tells PEOPLE.

Filming in December 2022 at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, Calif., Jack recalls Sharon joking before the investigation, “ ‘Well, I'll just get possessed and we'll go home early,’ ” he recalls. “And like, ‘Ha ha ha,’ whatever. So I thought she was f---ing around.”

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Sharon had gone into a room at the inn believed to be extremely haunted when she suddenly became unresponsive. “I was not in the room with her, and the camera guy's like, ‘Hey, I don't know what's going on here,’” says Jack. “We were just kind of confused and thought she was playing a joke on us. Then I looked at the monitor and was like, ‘That's not normal,’ and I go in and she was out. I mean, she stopped breathing.”

The crew immediately called 9-1-1 and Sharon was taken to the hospital where she remained for two days. “They ran every single test imaginable on her, from MRIs to CAT scans to EKGs to brain activity scans,” Jack says. “They checked for stroke and seizure and aneurysms and heart conditions and sleep conditions. They checked for everything and she was in complete normal health.”

Doctors suggested Sharon had perhaps fainted until Jack showed them footage of her in the room. “The doctor was like, ‘Okay, I've never seen anything like that. I don't even know what that is.’”

As for Jack, the experience “has definitely shifted my perspective on things. And I avoid the hysterics of demonic attack. Like, I've always thought, ‘Okay. That's just people playing up for the cameras,’” he says. “But I can't explain it any other way than that was some kind of... I mean, I almost cringe to say it. I believe it was some kind of spiritual attack. I was really scared, like, ‘Really? My mom's about to f--king die while we're doing a ghost hunt? No, that's not supposed to happen.’ "

Fortunately Sharon made a complete recovery. “That's why I had no problem putting it in the show because I was like, ‘Oh, she's fine,’” Jack says of this season’s premiere episode. “I mean, she was Christmas shopping two days later.”

The new season of Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror premieres Oct. 1 on Travel Channel.

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