Jack Keating shocked by baby after Love Island

Jack Keating shocked by baby after Love Island [Instagram] credit:Bang Showbiz
Jack Keating shocked by baby after Love Island [Instagram] credit:Bang Showbiz

Jack Keating had no idea his ex-girlfriend was pregnant when he filmed 'Love Island'.

The 25-year-old son of popstar Ronan Keating announced in February 2023 that he had become a dad just seven months after he left the show but Jack insisted he had no idea about the pregnancy when he was in the villa.

He told MailOnline: "As soon as I came off Love Island, seven months later, I became a dad. No, I didn't know before going on the show.

"Adjusting to life after Love Island was hard enough but then I had to deal with being a father… But it has been the most amazing year and a half of my entire life. Maya turned one in February… She melts my heart every time I see her.

"I remember when I posted the Instagram photo [to announce the birth], I was so nervous. I didn't actually want to press the button. It blew up.

"It was an amazing and happy time... but I kept asking myself, am I ready? Am I ready for what comes with this? I was terrified.

"There was a bombardment of messages and congratulations. I needed a personal assistant to get through all the messages for a week or two."

Jack is very close to his parents - Ronan, 47, and ex-wife Yvonne Connonlly, 50 - and he has credited them with helping him cope.

He said: "I leant on my family and friends... I have a really big support system around me.

"My mum and my dad are the two heroes of my life and they're the people I love the most.

"My two sisters and Cooper and Coco as well they raised so well. I really look to him for guidance and inspiration.

"All the knowledge and advice he has passed down to me has been great, I wouldn't be here today without him. I'm a family first man, I come as a package deal, and I plan to stay that way."

Ronan and Yvonne split in 2010 and also share daughters Missy, 23, and Ali, 18.

Ronan went on to marry Storm Uechtritz, 42, in 2015 and they have son Cooper, seven, and daughter Coco, four, together.