Jack Campbell shines as Leafs reclaim series lead

Toronto goaltender Jack Campbell was the difference maker as the Maple Leafs survived a nerve-racking third period to emerge victorious in Game 3 against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Video Transcript

- They hold on. And yes, there are a lot of moments where Tampa was just in the Leafs zone and getting shots left and right. And Jack-- Jack Jeffrey James Campbell-- I don't know where I come up with this stuff. I just like giving people middle names.

But Jack Campbell was spectacular in the third period because, again, Tampa was getting their opportunities left and right. That save on Steven Stamkos from that stupid pass from Kucherov was just unbelievable. But just the entire night, Campbell was just reading the plays. He was just reading what was taking place.

The Ross Colton shot-- that's a ridiculous shot. Like credit to Ross Colton. I said his name-- I've heard [INAUDIBLE] pronounce his name in two different ways. The adrenaline is still going. Like, no disrespect to Ross Colton. That was an amazing shot.

The Ondrej Palát goal was a bit of a mess. But aside from that, man, Jack Campbell was chef kisses. Just this unbelievable-- just reading the play, staying calm. Again, on the Stamkos save, he was reading the play perfectly. On the other replay from-- in the net camera, you already see him, like, pushing off like he knows exactly what's taking place.

And I think one of the saves that I think was very indicative of how Campbell is feeling right now as far as, like, his calmness and how steady he is, I think the fact that-- I forgot who the save was on. But Mark Giordano was just fighting with someone in front of the net, which I think the Leafs did another good job at this game just protecting the front of the net, whether it is on actual shots or scrums, just pushing players to the outside-- that was solid.

But this is chaos happening in front of Campbell. And he's just like, [? casual, ?] like, OK, cool. Grab it. Faceoff. We're done. So many-- Brayden Point got a random chance. Saved that. Like, Kucherov had a chance. Saved that.

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