J.Harry Edmiston of Creative Work Studios Is Now Considered to Be an Expert in the Field of NFT Films

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A Non-Fungible Trilogy & The future of NFT Film

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - April 21, 2021) - London-based photographer and director J.Harry Edmiston has recently "minted" in perhaps several industry firsts, a trilogy of highly cinematic films as unique 1 of 1 NFTs or "Non-Fungible Token" artworks on the Ethereum blockchain.

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While the NFT space has experienced an incredibly diverse range of work, from crypto-toy collectibles to pixelated punks, animated 3D sculptures, cute characters, music works, and paintings and there are not many NFTs that use video, nor has there been a lot of work by traditional filmmakers yet.

moment © //J.Harry Edmiston. 2021 https://zora.co/creativeworkstudios/2412

Shot in remote locations, the three films entitled "moments" are short visual snapshots of life that confront viewers with moments of humanity, through which one can gain subjective perspective and an enriched positive image of "what it means to be human".

further moment © //J.Harry Edmiston. 2021 https://zora.co/creativeworkstudios/2739

Visually captivating and bringing a production quality and style to the NFT ecosystem that has not been widely seen until now in light of the significant recent uptake in the artistic utilization of blockchain technology, the films are categorised as works of art and are available for sale on one of a handful of emerging NFT platforms - Zora.

another moment © //J.Harry Edmiston. 2021 https://zora.co/creativeworkstudios/2752

The world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), has garnered huge appeal by both artists and collectors alike, as they have provided a future vision for how decentralization will greatly change the landscape for many creative professionals, who have termed this evolution a digital and cultural revolution.

Recent NFT sales by auction houses Christies and Sotheby's have both paved the way for collectors and legitimized the artistic medium. We have seen individuals and brands alike taking steps to explore potential in the space for collectables, collaborations, original artworks or memorabilia, but it is still early days for adopters.

further moment © //J.Harry Edmiston. 2021

"NFTs are a phenomenal medium and the space is hugely positive. I believe that film, along with every other creative industry discipline is going to change a great deal due to the advent of blockchain technology, and while moving quickly, it's still early days. We are of course, all breaking new ground as artists, but as it becomes more mainstream, we will most certainly see an uptake in how people get resourceful within the space. I think the prospect of a full-scale paradigm shift with the conventional media-scape will be gradual, but it feels inevitable. I worked for a short while in Broadcast Media and know-how just how glacial things can move. In the nearer future, I do envisage big moves in the commercial space, perhaps by way of brand collaborations, which I am personally very keen to explore, but the real focus this project is film, as a raw artistic expression." - J.Harry Edmiston

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J.Harry Edmiston is a London-based photographer, director and "New Renaissance" artist in the NFT space, a frontier pusher and explorer who uses the camera lens as a medium and tool for visual narrative and storytelling. His moments. trilogy may be the first in what we hope will be many more undertakings in the space as he explores the space further and looks forward to potential brand collaborations.

Bidding for all three "moment." films open on the Zora protocol:

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