Italians discuss possible Meloni win on election eve

STORY: Opinion polls have all predicted that Meloni's nationalist Brothers of Italy group will emerge as the leading party on Sunday (September 25), sharing power with its allies the League, headed by Matteo Salvini, and Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia.

In Rome on Saturday, some expressed doubts about her, while others were supportive.

"I don't feel represented at all by Giorgia Meloni because she wants an old society", said 18-year-old student from Naples, Paola di Placido.

But architect Fracesco Calabria was supportive of Meloni: "She has a political profile that I like, she has always shown consistency in all her speeches and political practice so why not? She would be the first female Italian prime minister."

Sunday’s (September 25) election follows the fall of Prime Minister Mario Draghi's national unity government, brought down by party infighting in July.