‘Irretrievably broken.’ Glenna Bevin files for divorce from former KY Gov. Matt Bevin

Glenna Bevin, wife of former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, filed for divorce on Wednesday, saying their nearly 27-year marriage “is irretrievably broken.”

In her petition, Glenna Bevin, 58, said she and the former governor have been separated for more than a year. Of their nine children, only two remain minors, she said, and she proposed joint custody, with Matt Bevin paying child support and alimony.

Glenna Bevin said she is “unable to support herself in the manner to which she has become accustomed during the marriage and is in need of maintenance from” Matt Bevin.

The divorce was filed in Jefferson Circuit Court. The Bevins were living in Anchorage.

Matt Bevin, 56, was Kentucky’s Republican governor from 2015 to 2019. He was defeated in his re-election bid by Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. He teased at another run for governor this year, including a dramatic appearance at the state Capitol shortly before the candidate filing deadline, but he drove off after giving a speech to reporters.