“Irish Wish” Costars Lindsay Lohan and Ayesha Curry’s Fond Memories of Ireland Include a ‘Weird Adventure’ (Exclusive)

“Irish Wish” Costars Lindsay Lohan and Ayesha Curry’s Fond Memories of Ireland Include a ‘Weird Adventure’ (Exclusive)

The BFFs tell PEOPLE about their visit to Newgrange, a Stone Age monument and UNESCO World Heritage site

Lindsay Lohan and Ayesha Curry made sure they had time for sightseeing while they were in Ireland filming their romantic comedy Irish Wish.

The friends and costars, who sat down with PEOPLE earlier this month, recalled their behind-the-scenes escapades.

“We went to Newgrange one day,” says Lohan, 37, who calls the trip “such a weird adventure.”

“There's an energy in the air there and it's so historical,” adds Curry. “It's older than the Egyptian pyramids, so there's a lot of history there.”

<p>DeAgostini/Getty</p> The Newgrange monument in Ireland


The Newgrange monument in Ireland

Indeed, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has named Newgrange as a World Heritage site, a distinction given to landmarks having important historical, cultural or scientific significance.

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“Bounded on the south by a bend in the River Boyne, the prehistoric site of Brú na Bóinne is dominated by the three great burial mounds of Knowth, Newgrange and Dowth,” according to UNESCO. “Surrounded by about forty satellite passage graves, they constitute a funerary landscape recognised as having great ritual significance, subsequently attracting later monuments of the Iron Age, early Christian and medieval periods.”

Lohan recalls the roughly two-hour ride to get there. “Remember when we were on the bus that was driving us to get to there, We were like, ‘Where's he taking us?’ We're nowhere, we're taking forever,’” she tells Curry, who agreed: “Absolute middle of nowhere.”

Once there, Lohan found the location “really nice and very calm.”

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Lohan and Curry, whose respective spouses Bader Shammas, 37, a financier, and Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry, 36, also joined them in Ireland at times, explored other parts of the country, too.

“We did a lot of fun stuff,” says Lohan, who welcomed son Luai last year. “We went to Dublin that one day and walked around a bit and we shopped. And then Dalkey was nice because it's such a cozy, beautiful town.”

The seaside town and suburb of Dublin is known for its quiet charm and 14th century castle.

<p>Getty</p> An image of the coast taken from Vico Road in Dalkey, Ireland


An image of the coast taken from Vico Road in Dalkey, Ireland

On some occasions, the couples were able to squeeze in some date nights in the Emerald Isle — as long as they didn’t have to film at the crack of dawn.

“We did that a few times,” Lohan says of having double dates. “Whenever we didn't have very early calls, because we had some really early call times on this, like 4:30 pick up.”

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In Irish Wish, Lohan stars as Maddie, a New York book editor who harbors a secret crush on Paul (Alexander Vlahos), one of the writers she works with. Unfortunately for Maddie, Paul gets involved with her friend Emma (Elizabeth Tan), and they schedule a wedding in Ireland after a whirlwind romance. Curry costars as Heather, one of Maddie and Emma’s friends.

<p>Netflix</p> Lindsay Lohan, Ayesha Curry and their 'Irish Wish' costars


Lindsay Lohan, Ayesha Curry and their 'Irish Wish' costars

Lohan, also an executive producer on the film, convinced Curry — who’s expecting her fourth child, joining kids Riley, 11, Ryan, 8, and Canon, 5 — to costar with her after they were introduced by a mutual friend and instantly connected.

Says Lohan, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, you have to do this movie.’”

Irish Wish is now streaming on Netflix.

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