IPL 2021 Funny Memes: From Sunil Gavaskar to Matthew Hayden, IPL 2021 Commentators’ Colourful Kurta-Pyjamas at the Final in Dubai Sparks a Meme-Fest

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The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League, IPL 2021 concluded on Friday with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) winning their fourth champion's title. Amid the exhilarating action and celebrations, there was another thing that stood out – IPL commentators in traditional Indian attire. From Sunil Gavaskar to Matthew Hayden, these commentators were dressed in colourful kurta-pyjamas and their ensemble kicked off a funny meme-fest.

1. Meet The New Faces of Manyavar!


3. More Like Gussa Karte Fufaji


5. ROFLing

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