Iowa Cubs catcher has a very special relationship with the ballpark camera

The minor league baseball season is winding down in the next few weeks, which means it’s time for the teams’ social media pros to do retrospectives and show appreciation for their players. And even though it’s early, the Iowa Cubs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, may have won the season with this video.

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Let me set it up for you. It features a minor league catcher named Taylor Davis, who has spent the last six years in the Cubs’ system. And Davis has a very special relationship with the ballpark camera.

If you need to take a minute to recover after watching that insanely awesome video, I completely understand.

It’s weird to see a player that’s hyper-aware of the camera, but that’s Taylor Davis. He always finds the camera when it’s on him, and he wants the camera (and probably the people behind it) to know. You can’t really pick out a favorite part of that video, because every look that Davis gives the camera is so special and unique and so genuinely, thoroughly weird. There’s the sensitive come-hither stare.

Taylor Davis’ stare says “Come hither.” (Twitter/@IowaCubs)

The “I can see into your soul” glare.

Taylor Davis can see into your soul. (Twitter/@IowaCubs)

The “I’m busy right now, but I know you’re there” stare.

Taylor Davis might be signing a ball for a young fan, but he knows the camera is there. (Twitter/@IowaCubs)

The straight-up “What is happening right now” look, part one.

Taylor Davis has an A+ zombie stare. (Twitter/@IowaCubs)

And here’s part two of the same look, and kudos to the camera person for giving Davis an extreme close-up.

A close-up of Taylor Davis’ zombie stare. (Twitter/@IowaCubs)

Or the “I’m so happy we’re here together” look.

Taylor Davis flashes a smile at the ballpark camera. (Twitter/@IowaCubs)

And it’s all brilliantly scored to the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli.

I was trying to think of something that would have made this video better, but there’s nothing. It’s perfect. Thank you, Taylor Davis, for your many and varied looks, and thank you to the camera crew at the Iowa Cubs for giving us such joy.

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