New iOS 17 features include 'NameDrop' AirDrop tool allowing users to swap info easily

Once a year, Apple launches its newest operating system, tweaking old features and introducing new ones.

This year, iOS 17 is introducing a Check In feature that notifies someone when you’ve arrived at your destination, sharable and customizable contact cards, and a standby mode that can turn your phone into a clock.

Of course, the software update is also packed with updates to existing features like FaceTime, voicemail, autocorrect and AirDrop.

iOS 17 is compatible with iPhone XS and newer.

Watch this video to see how to share content without the touch of a button using AirDrop on iOS 17.

How to AirDrop contacts in iOS 17

Sharing content with other iPhones using iOS 17 might be the easiest it’s ever been. All you have to do is put one phone next to the other.

You’ll know it’s working when you notice either one or both of the screens appear like they’re being pulled towards the top of the device, and then they both react with a slingshot-and-ripple-like animation (that lets you know they're connected!). Then whatever you're sharing should appear on the other device.

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Apple also made it so you can share your contact details with someone in the same manner. They're calling it NameDrop.

Just place the phones near each other and wait for them to connect. You'll see the screens react, and then the other person's details will appear. You can choose between only receiving their information or also sharing yours.

For NameDrop to work, the phones have to be very, very close together, so don’t worry about accidentally sharing your details with a stranger.

If you want to turn this new AirDrop feature on or off,

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap General

  3. Tap AirDrop

  4. Toggle Bringing Devices Together to reflect your preference

If the feature isn’t working, or the Bringing Devices Together option isn't in your settings, check that both devices are running iOS 17 or later.

How to download iOS 17?

To download the new software, click on the Settings icon on your phone.

Tap General, then tap Software Update. This should show you any available updates that your phone has.

If the update won’t install, it could be due to your phone not having enough space.

Check how much storage your phone has by tapping on iPhone Storage in the General menu.

This will also provide suggestions for places you can clean out to make room, like emptying your recently deleted pictures folder.

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