We're Ready For 'Invincible' Season 2, Part 2

'Invincible' Season 2 Finally Returns Amazon Prime

This story contains spoilers for Invincible season 2.

Even superheroes need a break sometimes. But crime doesn't wait! Invincible's popularity has only grown during the Prime Video animated show's absence—and so has the strength of superhero Mark Grayson's (Steven Yeun) enemies. Born the son of Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons), Mark's world was shattered when his father's dark secrets came to light in season 1. Since the Superman-esque Omni-Man fled the planet, Mark was left confused and alone. Traveling into space to get some closure, Mark has now departed Earth to fend for itself. Naturally, the villains are swooping in.

In a new trailer for the second part of season 2, Pandora's box breaks open and Earth is left helpless without Mark. Threats are crawling out of the woodwork, and many of the first season's open threads are finally making their grand returns. There's also a new Skeletor-looking villain named Omnipotus. Plus, it seems that Allen the Alien (Seth Rogen) somehow survived his battle with the evil Viltrumites! Exciting.

For those who need a bit of a refresher, Mark's father nearly killed him in the explosive season 1 finale. Our teenage superhero learned that his dad was actually an alien who came to Earth to conquer it, not protect it. After Omni-Man murders the Guardians of the Globe—basically this universe's Justice League—Mark is forced to fight his own father. In the battle, Omni-Man beats his son within an inch of his life. Unable to land the finishing blow, he escapes the planet in a rage. Since, Mark has been trying to be the best hero he can and not become his father. It's easier said than done.

invincible season 2
Mark graduated! But does a superhero even have time for college?Courtesy Prime Video - Amazon Prime

Where Does Invincible Season Two Leave Off Before Part 2?

In the midseason finale, Omni-Man tells his son that his alien race, the Viltrumites, will stop at nothing to execute him for abandoning his post. They'll also conquer Earth. Before Mark can rattle off enough obscenities at his father, Omni-Man is captured and the Viltrumites destroy another planet in the galaxy. It's the perfect spot to mark the midseason break, as Mark must figure out how to save both his planet and his estranged father.

When Will Invincible Season 2 Return?

Though the first part of Invincible season 2 concludes after just four episodes, another four episodes will arrive weekly starting on Thursday, March 14. "With everything going on in that time of year with, you know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and a lot of family time, I think a lot of shows get lost in the shuffle," creator Robert Kirkman told Collider in early November. "So I think it's good to take a pause and narratively, it's gonna make things hit a little bit harder."

The series also joked on X (formerly Twitter) that, "In the second half of season 2, I’m sure Mark goes back to college, reads his father’s books, and has nothing eventful happen to him or his family…" Sure.

Who Will Appear in Invincible Season Two, Part Two?

When episodes return to Prime Video, Mark will have a multitude of problems to deal with back on Earth. There's a multiverse menace named Angstrom (Sterling K. Brown) out to kill every version of him in existence, and shattered relationships with his mother (Sandra Oh) and girlfriend Amber (Zazie Beetz) that are in need of repair.

Plus, that's not even mentioning the story arcs for other characters, including Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs), Cecil Stedman (Walton Goggins), Robot (Zachary Quinto), and Titan (Mahershala Ali). Clancy Brown will also return to the show as the new main villain, General Kregg. Brown is most famously known for voicing Mr. Krabs on Spongebob Squarepants and Lex Luthor in the DC animated universe. Now, he'll voice the new big bad of Invincible. We'll also gain I Think You Should Leave's Tim Robinson in a secret, undisclosed role. Is Mark ready?

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