Investigation: Did Bills kicker really pee on the sideline?

Buffalo Bills kicker Steven Hauschka nearly broke NFL Twitter on Sunday without even seeing a snap. (AP Photo)

For 30 minutes on Sunday the biggest debate in football had nothing to do with, well, football.

Unsurprisingly, the incident comes from Buffalo and goes beyond the game, deep into the psychology of the modern athlete. Not much else mattered until there was an answer to this burning question:

Is Bills kicker Steven Hauschka peeing on the field here? Or is he squirting a frozen water bottle?

This single, still image could’ve derailed NFL Sunday. How could anyone focus on football after seeing it? Without an answer, there were only more questions.

Could Hauschka manage to pee on the field without pulling his pants down? Are all the water bottles in Buffalo frozen today? Is he brazen enough to urinate in front of his home fans?

Thanks to the folks over at The Big Lead, we have our answer:

It was just a water bottle.

(Via CBS)

You may now return to your regularly scheduled NFL programming.

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