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TORONTO, April 22, 2021 /CNW/ -- Invesco Canada Ltd. ("Invesco") today announced voting results on a proposal put forth at investor meetings held in Toronto today.

(PRNewsfoto/Invesco Ltd.)
(PRNewsfoto/Invesco Ltd.)

Investors approved changes to the investment objectives of Invesco Global Endeavour Fund, Invesco Global Endeavour Class and Invesco Global Small Companies Class.

The changes to the investment objectives for Invesco Global Endeavour Fund and Invesco Global Endeavour Class will remove the mid-cap equity constraint. The portfolio management team believes a more unconstrained approach will allow them to seek more attractive opportunities across the market cap spectrum regardless of a company's size and is expected to better align each fund's portfolio with the investment team's philosophy and processes.

The changes to Invesco Global Small Companies Class's investment objective will broaden the capitalization constraint to include mid-cap equities. The portfolio management team believes that the opportunity for potential excess returns is greater with a larger opportunity set within both the small-cap and mid-cap space, rather than just within the small-cap space alone. The change is also expected to better align the fund's portfolio with the investment team's philosophy and processes.

To reflect these changes the funds will be renamed Invesco Global Focus Fund, Invesco Global Focus Class, and Invesco Global Opportunities Class, respectively, and the investment objectives and strategies changes will be implemented on or about open of market on May 3, 2021.

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