Introducing Vanity Makeup -- Ani Goulayan is The Iconic Beauty Influencer That Impacted The Digital World of Makeup Forever

Vanity Makeup
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Ani Goulayan

Vanity Makeup
Vanity Makeup
Vanity Makeup

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We’d like you to get to know the beauty and brains behind Vanity Makeup -- a multi-faceted empire created by glam queen and beauty influencer, Ani Goulayan.

This self-taught artist began her makeup career long before YouTube and Instagram beauty tutorials existed. In fact, she was one of the first creators to make eye-look pictorials go viral on Instagram back in 2012. Since her origins on the platform, after nine years in the making, the makeup artist has gained over 1.3 million followers, opened up her own makeup school, and launched her own cosmetics line.

She began her journey as an artist working for free on photoshoots and small events. Eventually, her experience gained her access to a couple of part-time jobs at local beauty salons in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t until she took her talent to social media that her life really took a turn.

She created an account under the handle @VanityMakeup, utilizing it as a digital showcase of some of her previous work. After practicing some dramatic eyeshadow looks at home, the artist would photograph the result and upload it onto her page. At the beginning, she created content as a hobby to improve her skill and possibly help build up her local clientele. But once her posts started going viral on the platform, Goulayan was quickly becoming a reputable, sought-after makeup icon. She was gaining an average of 30-50,000 followers a month and consistently being featured on the social platform’s “popular page” (2012’s version of the explore page). A-list celebrities and well-respected makeup artists in the industry took notice of Goulayan’s work and commended her for her talents, all while she established herself as a beauty influencer right around the time the industry began to erupt.

Due to high demand, she began to teach small classes of makeup how-to’s consisting of around thirty students. The more popular she grew, the quicker her classes filled up in capacity. Once she found herself teaching masterclasses of over a hundred students, she knew she had the potential to take it a step further. In 2016, she opened the doors to Vanity Makeup School-- an academy located in Los Angeles dedicated to teaching all levels of makeup, along with a self-made space she could also use to work on her personal clients.

The first two years of business were a non-stop boom. As if running a business weren’t enough to handle along with keeping up consistency on socials, the creative entrepreneur also decided to begin working on her own line of cosmetics in 2018.

Since one of her well-known practices on Instagram is face contouring, she felt it was only appropriate for her first product launch to consist of a contour kit. She worked on the custom formula for two years, along with its custom packaging components. The high-quality pieces were manufactured in Italy and overcame a production process of over a year and a half. In February 2020, the Sculpt & Glow Contour Palette made its official debut in five different shade ranges on

Goulayan tells us that she would’ve never expected her makeup career to have come this far. Despite the obstacles she’s faced and the negativity she’s endured, she’s chosen her success amongst all odds and undoubtedly conquered the beauty industry. As far as what the future holds, Vanity Makeup Cosmetics is scheduled to launch two new products by the end of the year, and the makeup artist also has a secret project in the works that should make its debut in the coming months.

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