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Houston, Texas, USA, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since the beginning, cryptocurrencies have served as an alternative to the conventional world of state-sponsored financial markets. But it's been clear for some time that they were nowhere near as mature as the markets they intended to replace. They lack much of the basic infrastructure that users and investors need to make them a genuine alternative.

And the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency hasn't helped. Instead of a single market evolving and improving over time, we've seen new currencies spring up to challenge the old. And although the recent rise of DeFi projects has seen more focus on new features instead of new coins, even they lack the kind of cohesiveness that it takes to make much of a difference.

But that's an issue that UniDex means to solve with the announcement of its new multi-DEX trading platform. They're building a system that makes it possible to draw on the best features of today's major decentralized exchanges (DEXs) while having access to professional-grade trading tools and a flawless user experience. The reason they're doing it is also simple – their team consists of experienced investors and currency traders who understand exactly what's holding the crypto world back.

The problem, as they see it, is twofold. First, it's that the major centralized exchanges – CEXs – offer world-class trading features. But that comes at the cost of the investor's privacy and runs counter to the very decentralized heart of the cryptocurrency movement. And the other problem is that the decentralized exchanges – DEXs – that have sprung up to offer an alternative are both too small and too feature-poor to offer a real solution individually.

And that's where UniDex comes in. It serves as a trading platform built to offer a competitive alternative to the investor tools offered by CEXs. But it does so by executing trades across a variety of today's most advanced and well-used DEXs. In doing so, UniDex creates a unique value proposition, combining the best of both worlds to create the single best cryptocurrency trading platform for casual investors and professional traders alike.

The real innovation in the UniDex platform lies within its unique smart contract-powered trading system. It's purpose-built to overcome the principal weakness of today's DEXs, which is that they feature limited liquidity due to their small size relative to the big CEXs. Because of that, traders who use DEXs run into significant slippage when trying to swap large quantities of currencies or execute a high volume of transactions at high speed.

When either occurs, the lack of liquidity on a DEX causes the trades to produce a massive effect on currency prices – making the trader's order either impossible or robbing them of most of the profit their purchase or sale should have yielded. But UniDex offers an alternative. It's compatible with Uniswap, 1inch Exchange, Kyber Network, Balancer, and Curve.

When a trader places a buy or sell order through UniDex, its automated trading system first finds the DEX with the best possible price and begins to execute the order. But as the trade proceeds, it constantly reevaluates the price conditions and looks for a better alternative. As the first DEX experiences a price change, UniDex continues the order through as many alternative DEXs as necessary to get the best outcome for the trader.

In effect, this spreads any slippage out across multiple DEXs, taking advantage of the liquidity provided by each. For the trader, the result is transparent. They get the best possible price with the fastest execution time and the least slippage. In other words, they are the first in the crypto market to offer margin and options trading aggregation.

But that's not all. UniDex is also building toward being a true one-stop-shop for crypto investors. Toward that end, they're adding additional functionalities to their platform in the coming months. The most important among them include native solutions for options, margins, and AMM markets. They're also adding social trading tools, full BSC support, and a complete multichain portfolio dashboard. When they're finished, users will have access to the most diverse set of cryptocurrency trading tools in the world, with best-in-class multi-DEX trade execution and a user-friendly management interface to control it all.

And to top it all off they'll also be putting the future direction of the platform under the control of the very people it's designed to serve. Through the platform's native UNIDX utility token, users will have a voice in what features become a part of the platform going forward. They'll also get paid a 50% share of all trading fees commensurate with their UNIDX holdings. Their tokens will also entitle them to a discount on all platform fees in the future. In short, UniDex's users are the prime beneficiaries of everything the platform does – built by traders, for traders in every sense of the phrase.

About UniDex

UniDex is the first cryptocurrency trading platform built by traders for traders. It aims to bring the crypto markets in line with the functionalities of traditional financial markets, without sacrificing the essential decentralized nature of cryptocurrency. It leverages a first-of-its-kind multi-DEX trading system that unites the liquidity of multiple exchanges into a single system to benefit investors. And, most importantly, they offer aggregations on options and margin trading, which is a huge deal, and also something that not even CEXes could add due to regulation standing in their way. With trading tools and a user experience that crypto investors can't find elsewhere, UniDex is the premier crypto trading solution for the 21st century and beyond.

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