Introducing “Level Up Mentoring” - Exclusive Mentorship Program by Business Mentor Floortje Lopes

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Floortje Lopes

Managing a business in today’s day and age is a challenging task.
Managing a business in today’s day and age is a challenging task.
Managing a business in today’s day and age is a challenging task.

NEW YORK, June 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Managing a business in today’s day and age is a challenging task. With high-level competition present in almost every industry, having an edge is necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. This is where business coaching comes in as it can help people achieve their true potential. “Level Up Mentoring” is one such mentorship program that helps people create a business that is the vehicle to experience their authentic success, discover and use their unique power and maximize their potential.

Floortje Lopes, a brand strategist, bestselling author, and business mentor is committed to helping people grow their profitability, impactful business, and live their most authentic life while inspiring the world with their unique gift through her Level Up Mentoring program.

Floortje helps businesses to transform into remarkable and influential brands and is the brain behind the brand strategies of multiple successful companies worldwide. For over 15 years, Floortje has been working on analyzing, developing, building, and growing brands on a daily basis. Her programs, coaching, and trainings have helped thousands of entrepreneurs make a greater impact, achieve bigger financial success, and more fulfillment. As her clients say “if you are ready to step into your role as a Leader in your field, Floortje is the go-to expert to make that happen”.

The Level Up Mentoring Program

Floortje believes that entrepreneurship is an opportunity to live our most ideal lives. Fortified with years of experience, relentless passion to challenge people to see and live their full potential, and crafted to suit anyone who’s ready to go next level without trading their authenticity and freedom for it, Floortje’s coaching shows people how to combine purpose with profit, build out a powerful, personalized strategy, and gives them a masterful grip on intentional entrepreneurship.

Floortje’s Level Up Mentoring is a 6-month program that helps entrepreneurs reach their true potential and take their businesses to the next level. The Level Up Mentoring program includes -

  • 8 deep dive coaching sessions of an average of 1.5 hours.

  • Identification of personal obstacles and active guidance to overcome them.

  • Monitoring of the process towards the set goals and guidance in current and longer-term situations.

  • Focus calls of 20 minutes every 2 weeks (scheduled) for optimal effectiveness and accountability.

  • Feedback, suggestions, and adjustments regarding branding, strategy, and marketing, and sales throughout the entire period.

  • Email and phone support in case of unexpected obstacles or challenges.

The Level Up Coaching is for you if

  • You want to wake up every day knowing you are living your best life, making an impact, and sharing your success with the people dear to you.

  • You feel a sense of urgency to leave a legacy and be seen as the Leader you know you are!

  • You’ve been in the business game for some time and you just know that by scaling your business you’d be able to play at a higher level and create more freedom and impact.

And you are ready to break through because…

  • You are no longer willing to give up on your freedom just for bigger financial results.

  • You don’t want to trade your authenticity and purpose for a bigger paycheck.

  • You are ready to challenge and elevate yourself and step up your game.

What Can One Expect?
The Level Up Mentoring program is a very personal yet strategic journey, which is fully focused on you and your business along the way. With Floortje by your side for 6 months and her brain and advice available in your company and life, you are bound to achieve all your desired goals.


Driven by her motto “Let’s Grow Together”, Floortje Lopes is determined to bring a positive wave of change into the world. As a brand strategist, bestselling author, business mentor, philanthropist, and relentless optimist, Floortje is on a mission to help entrepreneurs develop the “Leader Brands” they deserve to have.

Apart from her Level Up Mentoring, Floortje also offers several online programs that can help entrepreneurs scale up their business and achieve more money, freedom, and impact in their lives. Through her programs, Floortje Lopes is helping entrepreneurs step up their game, emerge as a leader, scale-up their business and create more profit with their authentic purpose.

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