Internet sleuths think Chiefsaholic may have reached out to Travis Kelce’s brother

Xaviar Babudar, better known to many in Kansas City as the Chiefs fan who had the Twitter account Chiefsaholic, is a wanted man by the police and the Kelce brothers.

Earlier this week, Babudar did not appear at his arraignment after being charged in December with armed robbery at a credit union in Bixby, Oklahoma. He also was charged with assault while masked or disguised, although he wasn’t wearing the wolf mask that made him well-known to Chiefs fans.

Babudar had been released from prison after his bail was reduced in February. Babudar, who allegedly threatened to shoot a credit union employee if they were not cooperative, was ordered to wear an ankle monitor at his release, but it was cut off this week.

There is a warrant for his arrest and bond is set at $1 million.

Could Babudar’s next move be to call Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his brother Jason, the Eagles center?

On Friday, Jason Kelce issued an open invitation to Babudar. The brothers want Babudar to join the “New Heights” podcast, which the siblings host.

A person with the Twitter handle Mahomes4416 responded to Jason Kelce and claimed to be Babudar. That Twitter account is locked, but a screenshot of the interaction was shared on Reddit.

Jason Kelce answered that person, so perhaps we’ll know soon if that is indeed Babudar, who is still wanted by the police in Oklahoma.

Jason Kelce also replied to some fans who don’t think the brothers should give attention to a person who is accused of robbing a bank.

The Star’s Luke Nozicka contributed to this story