Twitter divided over the 'Barbie' movie's set leaks: 'Send a cease and desist'

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The internet is getting fed up with the amount of Barbie movie leaks spreading across Twitter.

Directed by Little Women filmmaker Greta Gerwig, Barbie will be the first live-action film highlighting the life of toy company Mattel’s famous doll line. The film is slated for release in July 2023 and will star Margot Robbie as the titular icon. Ryan Gosling co-stars as Barbie’s boyfriend and male counterpart, Ken.

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As Warner Bros. Pictures’ cast announcements built up the hype for the upcoming movie, paparazzi flocked to the film’s set in Los Angeles to record the film’s progress. Netizens quickly got hold of the various set leaks that celebrity gossip outlets published and took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on Barbie‘s concept so far.

What got leaked from the Barbie movie so far?

The following tweet consists of a Barbie behind-the-scenes leak where Robbie is in character as the doll, speaking to the camera while rollerskating. Viewers were excited to catch a glimpse of Robbie’s take on Barbie, especially after hearing her “Barbie voice” for the first time.

Another Barbie leak that went viral on Twitter features a first look at Robbie and Gosling’s performances as iconic couple Barbie and Ken. In the clip, a random man appears to harass Barbie and Ken while they are out in public. Barbie quickly punches the man, while Ken screams in reaction to Barbie’s sudden act of violence.

Gosling’s dedication to mimicking Ken’s behaviors from previous Barbie cartoons amused Twitter users.


“Ryan is low key hilarious,” another wrote.

Twitter’s reaction to the Barbie movie leaks

Many netizens are getting fed up with the Barbie leaks spreading across the internet, upset that paparazzi are spoiling the film. Twitter users especially feel they are already watching the entire movie from their timeline.

However, other Twitter users enjoy the number of Barbie leaks, with many creating theories about the movie’s plot. The film’s overall concept is unknown, so many are interested in uncovering the mystery behind the movie.

Despite the leaks, Barbie is still generating hype

As with the recent Minions movie hype, many Twitter users are making memes about seeing the Barbie movie in theaters when the time comes.

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