International Visits To Canada Remain At Half Their Pre-Pandemic Level

The number of international travelers visiting Canada remains a fraction of what it was pre-pandemic,
according to the latest data from Statistics Canada.

The federal agency based in Ottawa said the number of trips to Canada by U.S. residents this past July
totaled 2.2 million, 11 times higher than the number of trips taken in July 2021 when border restrictions
were still be imposed.

However, the number of Americans visiting Canada in July was 60% lower than the number of trips
reported in July 2019 before COVID-19.

Residents from countries other than the U.S. made 10 times more trips to Canada this July compared
with July 2021 but remains 50% of the number of international travellers in 2019.


Canadians themselves made about six times more trips than a year earlier. But that number too was
below July 2019 levels, with about 64% of that month's volume.

Labour shortages contributed to flight cancellations, long security queues and lost luggage, impacting
major Canadian airports during the summer, said StatsCan.