International Tiger Day 2021: Meet These 4 Women Photographers Capturing the Stunning Visuals of Tigers in the Wild

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In a place like India where news of gender stereotypes plagues the society; cases of female infanticide are still quite often reported, it is extremely gratifying to find women achieving incredible feats in a domain such as wildlife photography.

Such women not only serve as inspiration but also constantly help break the age-old conservative notions about women’s ability to freely function, grow to their fullest potential as individuals. They are a living testimony of courage, and proving nothing is impossible for women to accomplish, provided they are not just being restricted to certain gender-based roles.

On the occasion of International Tiger Day, we present to you 4 fabulous, courageous, exemplary women wildlife photographers who have taken incredible photos of the majestic tigers in their natural habitat.

Rathika Ramasamy: She is hailed as Number 1 wildlife photographer in India. Rathika made Indians proud when she was considered as the first Indian woman to lead the way to get international recognition as a wildlife photographer.

This Chennai-based photographer bid adieu to her secured IT job to chase her passion as a full-time photographer. She humbly attributes the credit of her stunning tiger visuals to the creatures themselves. She says that they have supported her always, and that’s how she could get the photographs’ timings right.

Latika Nath: She is considered as India’s first female wildlife biologist. Known as the Tiger Princess (title by National Geographic), Latika is also one of the maiden female wildlife photographers, and could deftly handle cameras since she was 6.

For her remarkable spirit, and contribution in the conservation of tigers in India, she was given the honorary title “Her Daringness”. She has a doctorate in tiger conservation and management and has been working with tigers for over 25 years.

Aishwarya Sridhar: She is a 24-year-old, Indian wildlife photographer, presenter, documentary filmmaker from Navi Mumbai. Aishwarya became the youngest girl to win the Sanctuary Asia-Young Naturalist Award, International Camera Fair Award. Her phenomenal work made her the first Indian woman to win the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2020.

Her documentary film titled Tiger Queen of Taru based on the wild Bengal tigress Maya, from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve served as an important landmark in her career.

Shabnam Siddiqui: A wildlife photographer, biodiversity conservationist, Shabnam fell in love with clicking tigers in 2006 upon seeing the gorgeous beast emerge from the bushes of Ranthambore National Park, looking straight into the lens. Since then, there was no looking back. She has received several accolades for her captivating photographs. Shabnam is the Executive Director of the Global Compact Network India.

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