International Nystagmus Day 2021: Significance of day that raises awareness about severe vision problem

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The International Nystagmus Day is observed every year on 20 June. The aim is to draw attention to a medical condition termed Nystagmus that causes severe vision problems.

The day also focuses on providing a support system to those suffering from this condition and their families, which are often unaware about the causes and remedies of Nystagmus.

It is estimated that around 1 in 1,000 babies are born with this condition; adults are also affected by it, too.

What is a Nystagmus condition?

It is a vision problem where the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements. With these continuous movements, eyes result in reduced vision and can affect balance. Also, these involuntary eye movements occur from side to side, up and down, or in a circular movement.

Types of Nystagmus conditions:

1) >Jerk Nystagmus: When people suffer with this type, then the eyes jerk quickly in one direction followed by slow movements in the opposite direction.

2) >Pendular Nystagmus: People who suffer with this problem have their eyes move with equal speed in both directions.

Why do we observe International Nystagmus Day?

The day is observed and recognised to raise awareness about the condition. Through this awareness, adults and children who suffer from nystagmus can get the required help, support and attention they need.

People suffering from Nystagmus also require assistance in accessing education, employment, health opportunities. The National and International Nystagmus Day is considered important by those who suffer from this condition as it gives them a platform where they can talk about their issues.

How can Nystagmus be treated?

Treatment for Nystagmus totally depends on whether the condition is inborn or developed with age. If it is inborn or inherited then there are no treatments. However, taking these steps can help the people suffering from Nystagmus

-  Visiting an eye specialist and getting eyeglasses -  Adults can also wear contact lenses -  Drug treatments -  Surgical treatment by reattachment eye muscles after detaching them

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