International Day of Families 2021: Date, history and everything you need to know

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The International Day of Families is celebrated every year on 15 May to increase awareness about the social, demographic, and economic processes that affect families.

History and significance:

United Nations first started focusing on the issues related to families in the 1980s. The Commission for Social Development had requested the UN Secretary-General to increase awareness among policymakers about the needs of the families and the problems faced by them.

The commission based its 1983 resolution 'Role of the family in the development process' on the recommendation of the Economic and Social Council.

In the following years, more issues related to families were discussed in the UN General Assembly. Finally, in 1993, the General Assembly decided that 15 May will be celebrated as the International Day of Families.

The day is celebrated to understand the problems faced by families across the world and the solutions that could help them overcome these issues.

International Day of Families 2021 theme:

This year, the day is being observed to focus on the impacts of new technologies on the well-being of families. The theme of International Day of Families 2021 is 'Families and New Technologies'. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need of being technologically aware and equipped to perform work and other activities from home.

The unprecedented situation due to the pandemic has expedited work for technological changes that were underway, as per the UN.

New technologies, climate change, rapid urbanization, demographic shifts, and migration trends are 'megatrends' that are the factors that have been shaping our world. The UN aims to raise awareness about these megatrends and the family-oriented policies to tackle their effects.

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