Instagram influencer has been told she looks like Lady Gaga more than 677 times

A young woman who goes by the name of Amethyst Rose has been compared to Lady Gaga at least 677 times. How does she know? She counted.

Which one is Lady Gaga? (Photo: Amethystbby/Instagram/Getty Images)

The 18-year-old is a dead ringer for the singer — and she knows it (mostly because people comment on her photos saying it all the time). With more than 44,000 followers, Rose looks so much like Gaga it’s safe to assume that some people might have followed her thinking they were following the Grammy winner.

Rose’s latest Instagram post features her sitting in a chair in a bandeau style bikini, with her profile to the camera and her short blue hair messy. “So the other day I counted how many lady Gaga comments I’ve gotten because I always joke that if I had a dollar for every time someone had called me that I’d be rich and it was 677,” Rose captioned the post. “677 hypothetical dollars which is rich to me. That’s of course not including the pictures I have deleted or in person comments. But this was the first picture where people really started noticing lol.”

And it wasn’t a fluke. The proof is in the rest of her pics. Just take a look:

It’s definitely in part because of her masterful winged eyeliner, pouty lips, and scraggly hair, all characteristics the singer is known for.

But if you think the resemblance is simply a result of Rose’s “Gaga-inspired” makeup, you’re wrong. The Californian even looks like Gaga without makeup.

She also gets compared to Amy Winehouse.

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