Inside Man viewers have a convincing fan theory about Janice

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Ever since Inside Man dropped on the BBC, fans have been taking to social media to not only share how confused they are, but speculate about which characters could be key to solving the mystery.

Starring Lydia West, Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, the four-part drama ties together four seemingly random characters in a story that keeps you guessing. As the official summary explains, "In the US, a prisoner on death row is seeking atonement as he faces execution. On a train in England, a journalist is looking for a story. In a quiet little village, a vicar is picking up his son’s maths tutor from the station.

"All four are about to be entangled in a dilemma that could lead one of them to murder."

The episodes are airing on BBC One and iPlayer across four evenings (episode three drops tonight, 28 September), and fans think they're worked out who might be key to solving the mystery.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Last night's episode saw vicar Harry Watling (Tennant) attempt to prove who was responsible for the USB stick images, while keeping maths tutor Janice Fife (Dolly Wells) locked in his basement.

After she tells the vicar and his wife that people would notice she was missing if she didn't attend a Skype call with her sister, fans took to Twitter to suggest there might be more to her than meets the eye.

"Janice is not quite the calm, boring, plain maths tutor she would have the world believe is she? #InsideMan" one fan wrote, while another put, "What is Janice up to though? #InsideMan"

Someone else said, "Janice is more than a teacher" and "I think she is connected to Grieff in the prison. Thus why he didn't want to mention Janice's name ever again."

What are you up to, Janice?

Inside Man continues on BBC One tonight at 9pm.

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