Inside Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner's Relationship

Inside Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner's Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner were spotted together at what Page Six called a "rare joint outing" this week, and now sources are out here chatting about the status of their relationship—which is largely "great!"

"Jennifer, Jen, and Ben have had a great relationship for quite some time now," an insider tells Us Weekly. "They know there are going to be plenty of times they’ll all be attending the same events together, whether that’s school performances, sports, etc."

Apparently, Jen Garner's children get along super well with J.Lo's, and the two "communicate rather frequently when it comes to their kids, scheduling plans, etc. They know the ones who benefit the most are the children and that’s all they care about. They have a mutual respect for each other as parents and know how well all their kids get along. They want to foster and nurture those relationships and will do whatever it takes to show their support."

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Meanwhile, Ben and Jennifer Garner's past is "water under the bridge" and the insider says its "genuinely a copacetic situation all around."

Back in September 2023, a source actually told the Daily Mail that "one of the things" that made Ben and Jennifer Garner's relationship "get to a better place was—and is—J.Lo." They also said that "The drama of the past and the emotions of divorce are long gone and they are all making it work," adding that "It is really a very happy co-parenting situation. Everything is really good right now and should be the same in the near and distant future."

Good! To! Hear!!!!

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