Innovations in Lung, Breast Cancer Ranked as Most Exciting by European Oncologists Attending ESMO Congress 2022, Says InCrowd Report

Detailed verbatim remarks amplify the voice of physician attendees practicing in the UK and four EU nations surveyed, highlight enthusiasm for more targeted therapies and improvement in patient prognosis

WATERTOWN, Mass., September 27, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--After the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2022 in Paris earlier this month, medical oncologists and hematology-oncologists from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain cited lung cancer developments as the most exciting area to be discussed at the event—reported by 19% of responses. Updates on the continued development of KRAS, EGFR, and PD-L1 drug targeting molecules for lung cancer treatment, as well as novel targets and markers including RET+ and ROS1, sparked enthusiasm. Breast cancer developments were the second most exciting area, noted by 17%, followed by non-prostate genitourinary (NGU), at 13% of responses.

Data are from a new report released by InCrowd, a global pioneer of real-time, automated insights for the life science industry and an Apollo Intelligence (Apollo) brand.

"Researchers have identified more than a dozen cancer types that have increased in incidence over the past twenty years among those under age 50. Physicians everywhere are eager for an expanded range of treatment options that help them improve disease control," said Colin Turner-Kerr, international managing director for Apollo Intelligence, parent company to InCrowd. "InCrowd’s report on the reactions and insights of oncologists at ESMO 2022 reflects an eagerness for the innovations that are emerging from life science companies—innovations that offer hope for cancer patients around the world."

InCrowd’s report highlights ESMO attendee enthusiasm for:

  • Breast cancer treatment advances around HER expression, immunotherapy in triple negatives, diverse sacituzumab usages, and cyclin inhibition, which oncologists named as demonstrating benefits.

  • Genitourinary (non-prostate) cancer such as renal and bladder/urothelial that responded to triplet treatment, novel combinations of drugs such as PADCEV and pembrolizumab, and negative adjuvant therapies.

  • Skin cancer treatment data showing the promise and potential of TILs after progression on anti-PD1 therapy, neoadjuvant immunotherapy, and adjuvant treatment in Stage II.

  • Lymphomas and chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment data where non-chemo treatment via new therapies like CAR-T and bispecifics and treatment management updates on optimizing first-line treatment.

  • Another 12 cancer treatment areas that attending oncologists deemed as having exciting data presented at the event.

The InCrowd ESMO 2022 Real-Time Roundup includes data from n=96 medical oncologists or hematology-oncologists who attended ESMO Congress 2022 either in-person or virtually. Fielding across five European countries took place over 72 hours between the event’s closing day on September 13 and September 16, 2022, using a 3-minute Microsurvey performed on InCrowd’s agile, global market insights platform, with report publication on September 22, 2022. InCrowd’s mobile, tech-enabled approach to obtaining high-quality clinician insights integrates research fielding tools directly to global healthcare professionals, native translation, and automated data collection and analysis, to enable high-quality speed to insights on a global scale. For a copy of the ESMO 2022 report please click here.

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