Industries with the most vacancies in Canada

If you're looking for a job in Canada, you may want to consider one of these industries.

A new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) shows that there are plenty numerous vacancies across the country, particularly in the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.

The CFIB surveyed Canadian business head offices and asked whether they currently had any openings that had been vacant for at least four months, which they were unable to fill because they couldn't find the right qualified candidate.

B.C. has seen an increase in the number of vacant positions since 2009, hitting 3.4 per cent vacancies in Q3 2017. Quebec followed closely behind with 3.1 per cent.

Overall, there has been a 0.1 per cent increase nationally in the number of vacant positions to a total of 361,700 open positions, according to the CFIB. The CFIB's methodology differs slightly from StatsCan's data, but is nevertheless an indication of what industries and provinces could prove most fruitful in a job search.

The industry shortest on workers (based on the percentage of empty versus filled positions) is the Personal Services industry with a 4.1 per cent vacancy rate. This includes workers who specialize in household repair services, dry cleaning, hair styling and other personal care work.

Watch to find out which other industries are most in need of workers in Canada.

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