Has India's huge, year-long farmer protest ended?

The massive nationwide protests by farmers in India that have wracked that country for over a year may finally be over.

Protest leaders called off the demonstrations on Thursday (December 9) after the government conceded to a clutch of demands, including assurances to consider guaranteed prices for all the farmers' produce.

These protests were sparked by new and controversial agricultural laws which deregulated the sector, but opponents feared made farmers vulnerable to big business. It even drew in activists abroad including Rihanna and Greta Thunberg.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last month he would roll back some of the laws, but the farmers had continued to press for other demands, such as the guaranteed prices, as well as for legal action against protesters to be dropped.

Farmers' leaders said they'll meet on Jan. 15 to review progress on the government's assurances.

And warned that protests would resume if the government backed away.

The protest camps will start clearing out on December 11.

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