Indian Couple to Host the Country's First Metaverse Wedding

·1 min read

COVID-19 has resulted in the downsizing or cancellation of weddings in India due to gathering restrictions, with a maximum capacity of 100 people each. However, that didn't stop Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy from opting for a Harry Potter-themed event, which guests can access through various devices.

With 2,000 people attending their reception, the newlyweds will virtually address their guests -- who are able to customize their avatar's appearance and outfit to their liking. Padmavathi, a 24-year-old cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, has paired up with Tardiverse in the creation of a digital space dedicated to Hogwarts. It costs ₹150,000 INR (approximately $2,016 USD) to develop.

Besides being able to invite guests who won't be present at the physical ceremony, an added benefit involves including Ramaswamy's late father in the proceedings. The groom has convinced his fiancée and received his parents' seal of approval for the event, stating: "From childhood, I've been working with robotics -- and for the last year I've been working in blockchain and mining Ethereum." He continued: "My family knows I'm into tech."

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